In today’s 24/7 digitally enabled world effectively and securely managing access to your systems, data and applications for not only employees, but also partners, suppliers and customers is a complex challenge. Whilst security, data privacy and compliance are critical concerns, Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions must also offer the flexibility and scalability to manage access for ever larger numbers of identities – not just of people, but increasingly for connected “things”.  

By 2020, 75% of enterprises' information security budgets will be allocated for rapid detection and response approaches, up from less than 10% in 2012 - Gartner

Successful IAM strategies must take an extended enterprise approach. They must recognise that applications are hosted not just within organisational boundaries but increasingly in the cloud. Employees are also becoming more mobile accessing corporate resources from remote locations via a range of devices. As a result Smart Identity solutions need to identify and validate devices as well as users who are increasingly demanding single sign on to multiple systems. Outside of the organisation, the rise in APIs and digital engagement means customers and suppliers are accessing data and services held within previously internal systems requiring the management of federated identities.   

IAM will have to include identities not only of employees, but also business partners, customers, services, user devices and things in the internet of things - 2015 European Identity and Cloud Conference

Our Smart Identity propositions mean we can help you design, build, validate and implement a strategic IAM solution that is flexible and responsive to the evolving needs of your organisation.  Uniquely we can also enhance your IAM solution by leveraging voice biometrics capabilities to spot suspicious activities or calling patterns via your voice channels.  

Our Services

Consulting and Architecture We can advise customers on an appropriate and cost effective IAM strategy for their organisation assessing existing capabilities and components, delivering Proof of Concepts and developing a migration plan, to a robust Smart Identity solution. 

Solution Delivery We can select develop Proof of Concepts and implement the IAM components required to create a bespoke Smart Identity solution from Identity repositories and access control to identity management, federation and voice biometrics.

Service Management We can devise appropriate IAM management frameworks for customers operations.