It is essential to ensure that technology capabilities are developed and delivered that directly enables the business capabilities your strategy requires. Establishing a robust technology architecture underpinned by transformational blueprints is the key to ensuring success.

By following industry recognised, best practice approaches we can work with you to analyse, design and plan the development of your future enterprise architecture. We can then develop the necessary blueprints to guide the delivery of planned solutions and work with you to build the technology capabilities you require.

We believe that successful enterprises are architected rather than evolved. This applies at all levels, from organisational leaders making decisions about which operations to undertake, outsource or cease to technology teams making choices about which technologies they should adopt to maximise agility.

Our experienced consultants are also on hand to help provide insights into new technologies, validate investment decisions or to provide additional skilled resources to supplement your own in house capabilities. 

Architecture helps organisations identify where IT is and is not creating value for the whole enterprise, which will ultimately increase strategic effectiveness and justify investment, two major goals of any business The Open Group

Our services

Architectural blueprint Our architecture services focus on shaping the development of effective business capabilities through the exploitation of technology. We start by engaging with your senior stakeholders to analyse and fully understanding your organisation, its strategic intentions and your current business architecture and then produce a set of blueprints detailing the operational aspects of your business, our analysis of capability gaps or deficiencies and a roadmap for change.

Solution design We can translate your architectural and transformational blueprints into detailed solution design. Our consultants can refine operational models, capture detailed specifications and develop the designs for all aspects of your solution whilst ensuring the integrity of frameworks established by the blueprints.

Vendor or technology assessment and selection We can assess and advise on the right technology or vendor based on your specific business requirements and taking into account your current and desired future IT environment.

Technology consulting and resource augmentation When you have a project to deliver and time-scales are tight, or you need access to specialist skills or experience you don’t have in house we can help. Our consultants have a wealth of experience working across a broad range of industry sectors and with leading technology providers.