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At every step along your journey, we can work with you as an agile and responsive partner, helping you to react to the demands of emerging, disruptive technologies. Our team combines solution-agnostic architectures with industry-leading integration skills to create a multi-vendor solution that’s uniquely tailored to your individual requirements.

We’re a consultancy-led business that focuses on delivering flexible, reliable and secure communication architectures for our customers – carefully managing transition across your entire process.

Our experts specialise in seven core technology areas, read on to find out more about our solutions.

  • Customer contact

    Our cloud contact centre capability has allowed one customer to support a team of 20,000 agents, handling 12,000 concurrent calls and 8,000 queuing channels.

    Customer contact
  • Smart identity and fraud

    We’ve designed and developed a solution that enables one customer to provide machine-to-machine identification services for ticket distribution points in over 2,500 rail stations.

    Smart identity and fraud
  • Cloud adoption

    We’ve saved one customer £700,000 in operating costs through our cloud-based contact centre voice recognition solution.

    Cloud adoption

Architecture and Consultancy

Architecture and technology consultancy

We provide a full range of architecture and technology consulting services designed to help our customers develop a forward looking IT roadmap aligned to their business strategies. Our consultants draw on a wealth of experience to help you accelerate business transformation, rapidly introduce new capabilities and make informed technology decisions.

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Connected organisations

Connecting and extending your organisation to customers and partners

We provide a range of integration services designed to help our customers develop, implement and manage applications and networks to create a truly connected organisation. Our solutions enable organisations to modernise their legacy footprint and extend their enterprise to their customers, partners and suppliers.

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Cloud adoption

Unlock the potential of the cloud

We’re helping customers take advantage of the power of the cloud. Our consultants and architects can develop your path to the cloud, working with you to migrate business applications, develop new services or create new cloud-native applications that can scale and adapt to the needs of your organisation.

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Customer contact

Redefining customer experience

Working alongside our partners, our customer contact experts are focused on creating next-generation customer contact that offers a truly consistent, multi-channel experience for both digital and traditional customers, acting as the foundation for a digitally transformed organisation.

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Encourage innovation and knowledge sharing to create value

We’re helping to speed up the flow of knowledge for our customers, enabling real time collaboration between communities both inside and outside their organisations. With collaboration that is flexible, scalable and reliable, our customers are evolving into social organisations that have maximised workforce productivity and transformed their business processes.

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Data and voice analytics

Making your data work for you

We help our customers to turn data into real time, actionable insight that enables them to more rapidly innovate, protect their businesses from fraudulent activity and better serve their customers.

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Smart identity and fraud

Identity and access management in a digital world

With increasingly mobile workforces, the rise of the cloud, the Internet of Things and the growing demand for consistent digital customer engagement, our technical environments are becoming increasingly complex. Smart and agile identity and access management is essential to maintain organisational integrity, compliance and customer privacy.

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