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28 February 2017 | By Darryl Beckford

The human touch – recent posts you might have missed

In case you missed them, here’s a rundown of recent KCOM posts covering the automated technologies that are reshaping the customer service s…


21 February 2017 | By Darryl Beckford

Zero touch resolution is dead - Long live zero touch resolution

Zero touch resolution and contact centre automation are vital to the future of multi-channel customer services.


14 February 2017 | By Darryl Beckford

Contact Centre 3.0 - 5 innovative designs

Combining effective contact centre automation with skilled and engaged operators will help you respond faster to ever- changing customer dem…


7 February 2017 | By Darryl Beckford

Why contact centre morale is more important than ever

Contact centre automation and digitisation mean that staff are spending increasing amounts of their time fielding challenging enquiries. Pro…


6 February 2017 | By Ruth Speakman

KCOM recognised by Cisco as top customer care partner for EMEAR in FY16

Our partnership with Cisco continues to flourish with this latest award win


31 January 2017 | By Darryl Beckford

Facing up to the future contact centre - Face and voice recognition

Contact centre automation offers huge efficiencies, and with intuitive technologies like face and voice recognition, your customers needn’t …


24 January 2017 | By Kouros Roshanzamir

5 challenges of DevOps: What role should developers play in IT Operations?

Not for the first time, a revolution is sweeping IT. Many developers are embracing hyper-converged cloud platforms and DevOps infrastructure…


17 January 2017 | By Ruth Speakman

Case Study: We help the NHS's Special Health Authority transform customer experiences

Through hosted cloud-based solutions and voice recognition capabilities, KCOM has delivered £700,000 in savings for the business service win…


10 January 2017 | By Darryl Beckford

The human touch - Simplifying the value of automation

How can companies harness the benefits of contact centre automation to deliver an integrated and seamless service to the customer while gett…


3 January 2017 | By Darryl Beckford

Organisation 3.0 – A round-up of recent posts

Organisation 3.0 – A second chance to catch up on recent KCOM posts on the impact of digital transformation, what’s driving it and how it ca…


27 December 2016 | By Darryl Beckford

Beyond the hierarchy - Organisation 3.0 demystified

Discover how embracing the principles behind holarchies can have a transformative effect on your call centre operations and increase success…


20 December 2016 | By Darryl Beckford

Hollowing out the professions: Defining the future of work

Operational and support roles in IT are set to disappear in a world of cloud computing and machine learning, but this is one labour market t…

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